My 2017 Reading Goals


Last year, I decided to go easy on my reading. I only had two reading goals: a set number of books to read (40 books) and the TFG Bingo Challenge (which I was not able to finish.) I also used to have monthly “required” readings but I also chose to forego it last year. The results were good — but I also kind of missed the challenge of having to finish a book on schedule. Most of all, I missed having bookish discussions with my other book club friends. So, this year, I want to be active again in the book discussions but I would go easy on the quantity of books I would want finish.

Here are my reading goals for 2017:

  • Read and finish at least 20 books. This is a drastic reduction from my usual reading goal of 40 to 50 books a year. I just felt I needed to cut back on quantity and focus on quality instead.
  • Participate in the book club’s TFG BINGO 2017 Challenge. Below is my Bingo card. I have not yet finished choosing which book to read for the categories, so suggestions are welcome.2017 BINGO CARD
  • Read the TFG Book of the Month. I miss bookish discussions. I miss the book club. I am currently re-reading The Virgin Suicides. This is the book club’s book for January.

So far, that’s it for this year. I am thinking if I want to include (again!) a classics challenge but I have given up hope, haha! I have attempted to reread Wuthering Heights several times (!!!) but I just can’t seem to finish. Ugh. I am such a loser. I have already accepted this fact. So, no classics challenge for me this year. If I finally get to finish Wuthering Heights, then lo, and behold, I’ll certainly post about this miracle. 😀

Lastly, I do sincerely hope I will be able to get back into regular book blogging this year. Crossing my fingers (and toes) tightly on this one.





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