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Daphne Cardenas is the best wedding planner around, and everyone knows it. That’s why her friend Greg hired her as an emergency replacement one month before his wedding—because he fears his fiancée Helen is falling for the guy they first hired for the job.

Aaron Trinidad is new to the wedding industry but years of conference planning and loads of charm make him good at it. Really good at it. Planning the wedding of his friend Helen should be easy, and it is. To be unceremoniously fired isn’t good for his new career, but the chance to learn from the best might be the silver lining.

Aaron and Daphne have chemistry, but there’s history with Helen that at least one other person considers a threat. Who’s the planner who can fix this impending disaster?

(Part of the Chic Manila series, but can be read as a standalone.)

My Thoughts:
I’ve followed Mina V. Esguerra’s contemporary romance books, particularly the Chic Manila series and I’ve known her female protagonists to be head-strong, determined, and self-assured. They weren’t perfect, sure, and I’ve never really liked some of them but these characters were women who knew what they wanted, pursued their passion, and showed the world that they have the capacity to rule their world, to he** with stereotypes.
Better At Weddings Than You with wedding planner Daphne as main protagonist is no different. This is probably the first time that I read a Mina story of a girl in her 30s and it goes without saying that I loved how Daphne’s age group is closer to mine. I can relate well to her career choices and struggles, the age-old,well-meaning but often annoying questions of when are you getting married, why aren’t you married yet, should you let your genes go to waste, etc.
What made the story even more interesting was how the tables were turned with the male love interest as a newbie in the wedding planning world. I admit, I have a bit of difficulty imagining a cute guy as a wedding planner, with a neat notebook and pen in hand, and with tattoos? I mean, yes, it could be possible, yes, but I have yet to meet one (and it wouldn’t really hurt to meet someone who looks like Aaron.) Plus, of course, there is the most interestingly horrible couple I’ve ever read about: Greg and Helen, whose side story I want to read more, probably in a book of their own?
And oh, let’s not forget the food. (The pork?) As any wedding requires, good food is always a must and the food mentioned in the book is more than good. Think crunchy chicharon. And salad. Yum.
Read Better At Weddings Than You if you want a strong-willed, independent heroine, a drifter, undecided love interest, and a conflict between a sought-after wedding planner and a good-looking newbie competitor (which might or might not lead into a possible romance.)

4/5 stars.




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