The state of my (book) blogging affairs


I’ve been book-blogging for some 7 years now, and while the first few years were a frenzy of activity for me as a book blogger, the past couple of years has found me slacking off. I know I’ve been planning and meaning to be more religious in my blogging but I just could not keep up. I read faster than I can write “reviews” and somehow my thoughts always got muddled and I often tend to forget a book whenever I already found the time to sit down in front of the computer to write. There are so many great books I’d read that I wasn’t able to write about (i.e. David Mitchell) and which I’ve chosen to just let go because I could not find the time.

It’s also notable that most of my book blogger friends seem to have given up book blogging. There are some who still post updates on their blogs but not as regularly as they used to. Our interactions in our respective blogs have also slowed down and even stopped.

I can only think of several reasons why I felt that my book blogging isn’t as fun as it was before when I started:

  1. I grew up. This might also be true to some of the book bloggers I’ve known. Life happened, I got married and had a child, work became even more demanding, and book blogging is only the least of my concerns.
  2. Social media. It’s much more convenient to post quick updates on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter than the lengthier version required by my book blog. Not to mention that social media tends to eat up my time when I’m supposed to be blogging, or even reading! Heh.
  3. Most of my book-blogging friends have also stopped writing. I remember how exciting it was before when I started this blog. I used to look forward to the online conversations and interactions with my other blogging friends on our respective blogs. I guess I also had a hand in this because I  became less interactive online due to reason No. 1 and No. 2.

But the question remains. Am I still keeping this blog? The quick answer is yes. And also for several reasons:

  1. Sentimentality. This blog has been a repository of my reading and book-blogging life and I still get kilig whenever I read my older posts.
  2. Creative outlet. I am aware that my reviews aren’t of the highest calibre, but these thoughts are mine. These words are mine, never mind if they’re amateurish and so trying-hard. The nature of work that I’m in require me to write technical stuff and there are times when I find my self looking for other avenues to write other stuff. Like about books.
  3. I love talking about books. And by talk,  I mean more than the maximum limit of 140 characters. I don’t know if this  blogging thing will still be alive several years from now but as long as I am reading books, I know I’ll want to talk about them. And I only want to see my thoughts on print so I won’t forget.

It’s hard for me to say whether I’d be more religious in writing book reviews after this but I will try. I miss book blogging, I miss the blogging community, and I think this sentimentality at almost midnight tonight is brought about by my hormones. But no matter. I’m glad to have come up with a post like this on this blog once again.

Happy weekend! ♥

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