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How is it that January had already come and gone without me noticing it??? Still, here I am trying to revive this book blogging business which I can’t seem to give up now matter how dormant (errant?) my blogger duties have been. In my previous post, I listed my best reads for 2017 and complained how mediocre my reading year had been. I want to remedy that this year, so here are my two-point reading goals for 2018:

  1. Read 24 books. It’s true. Once you get older, you are indeed willing to sacrifice quantity over quality, reading-wise at least. I remember when I first started planning on a fixed number of books to read each year, I started with a quite ambitious goal of 75. I was able to read only fifty that year and yet, during the succeeding years, my number of books read per year averaged 45. Having a kid, though, and other additional responsibilities made reading a demanding hobby so I had to make adjustments. This year, I’m aiming for a more reasonable 2 books a month. This could still prove to be a challenge because being a working mom has made me lose control of my own time. Gone are the days when I could finish 8-10 books each month, not that I’m complaining.
  2. Read the The Filipino Group-Goodreads (TFG) books for the month. I’ve been a member of TFG since I joined Goodreads in 2008, but for the past years, I’ve never really been that religious in reading the monthly reads. I hope I’ll be more committed this time. This year, instead of assigning a common book to read for the month, the group has assigned a specific genre and we can choose which books to read and discuss these on the threads. Personally, I feel that this is more workable because it would be easy to choose which books to read (and definitely a motivator to tackling my to-read pile!).

And that’s it. Quite workable, I think. Cheer me on? 🙂

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