Hi, I’m Lynai! I’m a wife to my first and only boyfriend, a mother to a very active toddler, a lawyer, a teacher, a frustrated back-up singer, and a booklover/hoarder. I also blog about non-bookish things here.

Why It’s A Wonderful Bookworld?

Well, first: BOOKS. I can never live without them. The smell of crisp paper, the sound of shuffling pages, the sheer joy of holding a paperback or hardbound in my hands. (I’ve recently acquired a Kindle, but the reading experience is awesome just the same!).

When I read fiction, I enter into a whole new world where I can be transported to the future, or be blasted  back to the past, or be shipped to outerspace, or cruise underwater, or be transmitted to wonderland. I can gush and swoon and fall in love, or hate with much intensity, or sob shamelessly. Now, if that isn’t wonderful, I don’t know what is.

And second: The name is simply a spin-off from the famous song, What A Wonderful World, which is not necessarily a favorite but it gave me the idea for a title when I set up this blog. Not ingenious, but it stuck and I am too much of a sentimental to change it anymore.

Anyway, this blog will be a repository of all thoughts bookish and since I find reading to be a very visceral experience, my posts about the books I’ve read will most likely be highly subjective and sometimes emotionally charged. Because of this, my “reviews” aren’t exactly that — critiques — but are mainly about my reading experience.

My ratings are the same stars used over at Goodreads of which I am an active member:

1 star – didn’t like it

2 stars – it was ok

3 stars – liked it

4 stars – really liked it

5 stars – it was amazing!

Join me in the delights of this very wonderful book-world!