Bookish Events Happening On Saturday, May 27

OMF Literature, my favorite publishing company for inspirational books, has prepared a series of events which will kick off on Saturday, May 27, 2017. Book tours, author meet and greets, art workshop, storytelling, and a book launch are what's waiting to happen, and my bookish heart just couldn't be more thrilled. Here's the schedule for Saturday, May 27, at Ayala Malls South Park Alabang (lifted from OMF Lit's Facebook post): "OMF Literature brings fun and excitement to your summer at the Ayala Malls South Park! On May 27, 2017, bring your children to enjoy an exciting storytelling,...
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[Virtual Tour] APOCALYPSE ALL THE TIME by David S. Atkinson

* Apocalypse All The Time by David S. Atkinson Publisher: Literary Wanderlust Publication Date: January 1, 2017 SYNOPSIS: Doesn’t it seem as if someone issues a new apocalypse prediction every week? Y2K? The Mayan apocalypse? The Rapture? Doesn’t it seem endless? As opposed to the traditional trend of post-apocalyptic literature, Apocalypse All the Time is post-post-apocalypticism. Marshall is sick of the apocalypse happening on a weekly (if not daily) basis. Life is constantly in peril, continually disrupted, but nothing significant ever happens. The emergency is always handle...
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My 2017 Reading Goals

Last year, I decided to go easy on my reading. I only had two reading goals: a set number of books to read (40 books) and the TFG Bingo Challenge (which I was not able to finish.) I also used to have monthly "required" readings but I also chose to forego it last year. The results were good -- but I also kind of missed the challenge of having to finish a book on schedule. Most of all, I missed having bookish discussions with my other book club friends. So, this year, I want to be active again in the book discussions but I would go easy on the quantity of books I would want finish. Here are m...
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