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The Reading Club Book #1: CUPIDITY by Hayley & Michael DiMarco

Over a month ago, several friends and I decided to organize a book club and for our first read-along, we had chosen to read Cupidity: 50 Stupid Things People Do For Love (and how to avoid them) by Hayley and Michael DiMarco. This was already a reread on my part, having read the book a couple of years back, but this time, I was tasked to moderate our group read. Our online/Facebook discussion was really fun and interesting considering that ours was a very eclectic group: single, married, in a relationship, were in a relationship, and we were discussing a relationship book. To wrap up our discu...
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As I am writing this post, I am also watching a TV special on the 1st anniversary of Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) which ravaged the country on exactly this same day last year. Videos of that tragic day were shown again and my heart is crushed each time I see people crying about their losses and traumatic experiences. There was the man who was able to save a co-worker from being washed away by the flood but lost his 3 children. Another man was shown carrying his dead daughter on his arms. A woman was crying and pleading for help from relatives who might get to watch the video. Footage caught durin...
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