I read this book in November last year and I remember thinking how apt the Halloween season was for this kind of read. The Year of Magical Thinking is Joan Didion's personal account of loss, grief, and pain as she dealt with her husband's sudden death while her only daughter was in a coma battling for her life. Joan Didion's narrative is something to speak highly about, her prose crisp and matter of fact. I have heard too many good things about Joan Didion and her novel Play It As It Lays is on my wishlist shelf for some time now. If it were not for the book bingo challenge I joined (but di...
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‘TIS/Frank McCourt

‘Tis is the second and final instalment of Frank McCourt’s bittersweet account of his life as an Irish immigrant in New York. I love this book as much as I love Angela’s Ashes, which is the first half of this very interesting memoir. In ‘Tis, Mr. McCourt continues to chronicle the events of his colorful life on the first day he sets foot on the land of his dreams, America. In this book, we read about Frank’s adventures and misadventures as a naive and awkward young man in New York polishing the floors of Biltmore hotel, being drafted as a soldier and sent to Germany to type reports even thoug...
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If there is anything more harrowing than spending your childhood in abject poverty, living out on the dole, having sugar and water for food, living in a rat-infested house that stinks, and seeing your siblings die one by one before your very eyes, I don’t know what is. But these and a lot more have colored Frank McCourt’s childhood in the rainy, wet streets of Limerick, Ireland. Angela’s Ashes is a memoir of a childhood of Irish-American teacher, Frank McCourt, and won the Pulitzer prize in 1997. I don’t usually read memoirs or autobiographies, in fact I think I have never read any memoir bef...
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